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Slideaholics Anonymous? No that’s not us at all. Slideaholics Unanimous that would be a better call. We’re a hangout for sliders, not a self-help group. There’s no denying that slideaholics is devoted to those addicted to sliding, that’s a given. But believe me when I tell you, we’re really not here to try and help you stop. We exist because just like you, we can’t get enough of our obsession, and that’s the way we like it.

Left: Laura, just sliding.

Our gig is to share the laughs, experiences and stories of slideaholics. Regardless of what differences we may have, we all have one binding common flaw. We’re hopeless slideaholics, right through to the core.

Top left: Silas beak boogie. Bottom left: Sam right where he’s most at home. Centre: Roisin styling. Top right Raf winding up his slab. Bottom right: Danny, deep and focused.

Let’s put it this way. We really don’t give a rats booty if you’re cool or hot, famous or not, or what kind of stick you got. We don’t care what you ride, as long as you dig to slide.

Left: Yoko. hanging it. Centre: Dane, tip toeing to the hood. Ringt: Mellissa, feeling it.

There be no cool calculator here. We’re not aligned with any one style of board, fin configuration, fashion, politics, regulation, organisation or institution. Why? Because we really just couldn’t be bothered to take ourselves that seriously. Our primary purpose is to just keep sliding, and share a few laughs, photos, vids and stories in the process.

Top left: Blokes, Brad & Davo scoping the scene. Centre: Erin, the smile says it all. Top right: Mark, slideaholic to the core. Main: Neil, as smooth on the tip as any.

The way we see it, we’re powerless out there in the elements. If Mother Nature has anything to teach us, it’s this. Out where we do our thing, it’s a simple matter of get humble or get humiliated. We get that, so we just try to go with the flow.

Below: Rook, a bloke who knows how to go with the flow.

Idolising others and objects is not really what we’re about either. We’re more interested in what makes our fellow sliders tick, not whether or not they’ve got happening media schtick. We figure that if you find yourself browsing around in here. Then you’re probably one of us, no better, no worse, just a peer.

Left: Unknown slider thowing it around. Middle: Maddie in cruise control. Right: Shaun working his disc.

What you’ll find in the slideaholic journals as we grow. Will be an increasing level of content, written and shot by both us, and our fellow sliders. There are several journals bubbling away in production right now. There’ll also be regular updates in our updates pages three times a week.

Above: Adrian sliding deep into a nice pit.

Sure we’ll still do our regular Byron Bay updates, just like we did with IBBT. But with a twist. The door is now open to our subscribers to submit content for possible publication. We are also now mobile, and that means road trips.

Left: Kassia racking up time on the hood.

Naturally, just like we did for five years with our last site, we’ll still be having board draws as often as possible. I mean seriously we’re slideaholics of the hopeless variety. Nothing gives us more pleasure than giving away a sled to a fellow slider. So get yourself subscribed for as many chances as you can, because we’ll continue to badger our sponsors to cough up the goods.

Right: The first board for the slideaholics giveaway. A Kyu P Desigsn 9’7” Beak. Far right: Bear putting a 9’8” Beak through it’s paces.

As always we don’t claim to be political, nor politically correct. We like a bit of irreverence and to have some fun with this stuff. In other words, we’re not here to worship or kiss butts.

We’ll continue to work hard to bring our fellow sliders the stuff we all hang out for. But remember it’s a free world, so if we’re not cool, or core enough for you. Or hard, hip or happening enough, to float your particular brand of boat. Then that’s fine by us, just move on and go find something that works for you. Because all jokes aside, having to work that hard to fit in, can just drive a slider nuts.

Left: Slideaholic of the radical variety. Mick, just going bonkers.

If you identify, if you’re slideaholic too. Then there’s only one thing left to do, get subscribed, and get involved. There will be more journals, updates, giveaways coming on a regular basis.

Aloha for now. Slideaholics.

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