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Submit Photos To Slideaholics

We know there are a lot of slideaholics out there with cameras. Obsessive surf stoked lens lovers just like us. Well if you’re a Slideaholics Subscriber, the door is open for you to submit photos to be considered for publication in Slideaholics. There is also an added bonus for Extra Groovy Subscribers.

If you’d like to submit photos to slideaholics. Send an email to from the same email address that you used for your subscriber account. We’ll get straight back to you with details on how proceed. If you don’t already have one you’ll need to open up a free Dropbox account. As Dropbox is the tool we use for file transfers, don’t sweat joining Dropbox, it’s free, easy to set up, and very handy to have.

  • All photos that pass editorial are credited to you when published.
  • The copyright naturally remains yours, they will never be offered for sale or redistribution by us.
  • Bonus: For Extra Groovy Subscribers Only. Any inquiries to purchase high resolution versions of your photos will be forwarded to the email address on your Premium Subscribers account provided your subscription is active.

Editor’s Note: Please be aware that not all photos submitted will automatically pass the editorial process. Our standards are what keep our readers coming back for more. Our highest priorities will always be, does it fit with slideaholics, and will it interest our readers. Although we will always do our best to try make this happen for you. The Editor maintains the right to editorial control. The Editors decision on whether to publish, or not, is final and not negotiable.

If you’d like to submit a whole photo shoot and actually write your own slideaholics journal. Then you may want to check out this page submitted journals We have an added bonus for submitted journals that pass editorial and get published.