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You found it, well done, see it’s kinda simple really. Those two buttons at the top right corner of the slideaholics site will take you either backward or forwards through each and every update. It’s simple but effective. If you’re in the journals section of the slideaholics site. Then the same buttons will take you from one whole journal to the next. Same system, very easy to navigate. If you are looking for the latest update that we’ve published. Then click the button on the lower menu that says latest update. For the latest journal use the button of the same name below. The slideaholics menu below is on every page in the same position so you won’t get lost in here. It’s all been designed with ease of navigation in mind. Take some time have a click around and get a feel for the site. Don’t forget to have a play with the journals, the way they work is kinda fun. Happy hunting fellow sliders.

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