Win stuff

Win stuff, how it works.

We like to give stuff away to our subscribers, bottom line, it feels good to give.

So far we have given away numerous surfboards, hand planes, books, fins, wetsuits, gym memberships, wax packs, movie passes, blues festival tickets etc. Naturally we encourage this, it’s good for all involved. We started this tradition in our previous incarnation (, during that five year period we forwarded over $15,000 worth of free surfboards and goodies to our subscribers from ourselves, and various sponsors. We continue with that proud tradition today. So far in the last three years, Slideaholics has given away over $8,000 worth of goodies, boards included. We’d like to keep that figure growing.

As a Slideaholics e-mail subscriber you have a free entry into every draw to win whatever may be currently available for the next upcoming giveaway. You also get email notification of each Slideaholics update.

We’re working all the time on getting more goodies for you, but you must be a free subscriber to be in the running. So get organised, subscribe and keep an eye on your email inbox because that’s how we’ll be notifying you if you win.

Please Note: When a subscriber wins a draw, that subscriber will be required to organise to collect the goods they have won. We run this free service on a shoestring budget, it’s more a labour of love than anything else. The sponsorships help a great deal towards keeping out costs down, but we’re not a massive publishing house. We have many readers and excellent traffic with a global reach, but that doesn’t mean we’re rolling in cash. Therefore we’re unable to add courier fees to our overheads.

Slideaholics win stuff Terms and Conditions: